The technology sector has more at stake now than ever before. Cutthroat competition, industrial espionage and theft can all turn even the slightest security compromise into a market disadvantage. That is why we at Firstline have diligently researched the latest solutions and best practices to provide our clients with security solutions that can exceed their expectations. Entrust us to focus on keeping your business safe so you can focus on making the next breakthrough.

Advanced Security Solutions Tailored to Your Advanced Needs

Between million dollar equipment and million dollar ideas, today’s technology companies cannot afford to have even the slightest lapse in physical security. Access control, CCTV, intrusion detection and prevention, and emergency call systems are the only way to protect these valuable assets from intruders, mishandling or internal theft. We apply the best-fit security solutions to meet your most stringent demands and make managing security simpler with fully integrated systems.

Products Used

When engineering your security system, we only entrust the latest solutions from reputable partners. All hardware and software we use satisfy the highest demands while providing a seamless, intuitive and integrated security management experience.

  • Cloud-based CCTV and Intercom
  • Multilevel Access Control
  • Powerful, Reliable Security Network Applications

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As a leader in integrated security solutions, we have established partnerships with industry leaders in multiple sectors. Over 25 years of experience serving these clients has taught us the expertise and resources needed to deliver custom-engineered security systems that cover every vulnerability a physical site faces. Learn how we serve our clientele in their respective industries by following the portals below

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