A Security-Net Partner for Nationwide Security Integration

Firstline Security Integration is a partner in Security-Net, a prestigious federation of some of the nation’s most accomplished security technology experts. Membership in Security-Net is limited to security providers who can meet the most stringent standards of knowledge in security system integration fields that include systems architecture, networking, digital intrusion prevention and the applications needed to run it all.

Our partnership with Security-Net represents the high level of achievement attained by our security integration experts. Participating security services providers in Security-Net must hold some of the most recent and technologically advanced certification standards, including Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE), Certified Wireless Network Administrator (CWNA), ASIS Physical Security Professional (PSP), and others.

Our clients can feel confident knowing that Firstline Security Integration upholds the high standards demanded of all Security-Net partners. They can also benefit from the expertise offered by our fellow partner organizations. These benefits include localized service across the country and the ability to obtain outside expertise from security technology specialists for application in unique scenarios.

About Security-Net

Security-Net was established in 1993 as a means to offer standardized security systems integration services nationwide that could meet the highest benchmarks for quality and knowledge. By creating a partnership between federated companies, clients could recognize an instant standard of service excellence and expertise no matter where they happened to be.

This alliance between security integrators has also enabled strategic benefits for security companies. Together, we and our partners can share the latest best practices in security integration, stay abreast of the most recent and advanced security technologies, and share other industry intelligence to prevent any risk of knowledge gaps.

Together, Security-Net represents a network of “the world’s finest security systems integrators” with 60 regional offices and 1,400 security professionals in the U.S., Canada, and across the planet. Our collective mastery of security technologies and dedication towards advancing integration practices can help us and our clients achieve far more than we ever could alone.

Firstline Honored by Software House

Firstline Security Systems, Inc. was recognized this past Friday for being the first dealer to be certified under the Software House Dealer Certification program, and went on to earn the highest level of expertise as an Enterprise Partner Member. This marks the 20th year the program has now been in existence.

The program is one of the industry’s most rigorous technical certification programs, designed to ensure that only the most highly trained security integrators install and support Software House solutions. Integrators in the program are held to a higher standard, representing Software House solutions in the best way possible. Earning the highest level of certification as an Enterprise Partner distinguishes Firstline as being able to handle the most complex and technologically challenging projects.

5 Ways to Leverage the Benefit of IP Video at Retail

Hot off the press! President of Firstline Security talks benefits of IP video at retail with Security Magazine.

While many retailers today are utilizing camera systems for in-store shrinkage, retailers are only recently beginning to explore opportunities for video beyond security – something that can be achieved with installation of IP camera technology.

How can retailers leverage this technology?  Read on to learn more!

5 Ways to Leverage Benefits of IP Video At Retail with Security Magazine