Decades of Knowledge Gained and Lessons Learned

We have been a customized, integrated security solutions provider since 1992. As technology and best practices evolved, so have we.

They say “knowledge is important, but experience is the best teacher.” Our company has both. Every systems designer and integrator you work with will have not only amazing credentials, but also a portfolio of delighted clients under their belt. Each new client and project is an opportunity for us to apply our knowledge — and continuously improve in the process. As our company approaches its third decade, we are more prepared than ever to respond to the unique security considerations of your organization.


Compliance with the latest professional licensing standards

Alarm: ACO-6029

Electrical: CTVI

Our Memberships

We learn from others in the industry to stay on top of the latest technology, best practices and thought leadership so you don’t have to.

  • ASIS
  • Security Net
  • CAI
  • BIA
  • CACM
  • LBA


Our Knowledge

We only hire the best and the brightest who can bring creative ideas to the table. Each team member has the expertise and training to serve our blue chip clients no matter what industry they are in or their physical environment.

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Engineering & Design

Our best-in-breed systems design gives you a watchful eye and controls access through every nook and cranny of your site. Overlook nothing, and rest easy knowing your most precious assets are secured.

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Systems Integration

Make all your security solutions work in concert with smart integration practices that enhance control while ensuring consistent monitoring, easy oversight, top-line performance and minimal frustration.

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