Since 1992, Firstline has provided top-tier security solutions across a range of healthcare facilities. Hospitals, clinics, labs and more, all have sensitive materials and restricted-access areas that are vital to protect in order to administer proper patient care. Internal theft and external threats alike pose serious risks to these assets. This environment therefore requires comprehensive security solutions that assesses threats and provides the needed level of oversight in response. Firstline provides these services by examining your sight, listening to your security goals and then engineering a one-of-a-kind security ecosystem that keeps your whole facility covered and protected.

Quality of Care Can Only Come Through Peace of Mind

Keep your patients safe, and protect your most critical resources through our access control, CCTV and intrusion detection systems. Emergency Call systems help providers “do no harm” by shielding patients from hostile agents. Firstline can provide your institution with these services and more through a curated and comprehensive set of security solutions.

We understand your environment

  • Compliance with ICRA (Infection Control Risk Assessment)
  • Compliance with HIPPA Privacy Regulations
  • OSHA Compliance

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We at Firstline have become leading experts in our field by applying our knowledge across a wide range of industry sectors. Our clients are the best-of-breed in their industry, and they entrust us with their security needs because we provide tailored, fully integrated security solutions. Never settle for one-size-fits-all remedies when the success and sanctity of your organization is on the line.

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