Your high rise tenants deserve to be safe. Whether they live, work or operate a business in your building, they need your protection from external threats as well as internal misuse. Obtain the needed level of oversight with a comprehensive suite of security systems custom-engineered to take into account your building’s exact security demands. By entrusting a company staffed with engineers and experienced security experts, you know you are getting the absolute best quality and a dependable return on your investment dollars.

High Rise Buildings Need High Level Security

With so many people moving through high rise buildings every day, only a custom security system designed with the unique needs of the building in mind can create true protection. Our security solutions account for every type of threat, and they are fully integrated to provide convenient management and oversight.

We Keep High Rises Safe Across the Nation

We take high rise security seriously and only recommend systems that provide best-fit solutions to your building’s pressing security concerns and demands. Since 1992, we have helped secure:

  • Executive Residential High Rises
  • Mixed Use Commercial, Office and Residential High Rises
  • High-Traffic High Rises in Busy Urban Centers

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Our experience with commercial, residential and office clients among others makes us a perfect fit for the diverse uses and complex needs of high rise facilities. See how we have benefitted the other industries we serve by following the information portals below.

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