Higher education campuses have increased their security needs in recent decades. Valuable equipment, protected information and restricted access areas all face a greater volume and magnitude of threats than ever before. To protect their students, equipment, research and sensitive information, universities turn to Firstline for our customized security solutions engineered from the ground up to serve their needs. Our security experts can assess threats and prepare your campus through an integrated system that fits your needs and budget like a glove.

Higher Learning Shouldn’t Mean Lower Security

Students, educators and university staff have a right to be safe from aggressors. Tailored security solutions protect them as well as the research and equipment that our next wave of innovation hinges upon. Keep your university safe with our integrated, needs-focused security solutions that keep everyone’s mind on learning, not their own safety.

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For over two decades, we have made learning and research safe at the following institutions:

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Our knowledge does not stop at just providing security solutions for universities. We have gained education and experience serving high-value clients in many diverse industries across California and the whole country. Learn more about how our integrated, custom-designed security solutions have benefited their respective industry clients by clicking on the sectors below.

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