We rely on municipal water, energy and gas to run our cities, make our households more comfortable and even keep us alive. Without utilities, civilized society as we know it would quickly become unrecognizable. Because of this need, our utility facilities are critical assets that must be protected at all costs from intrusion, theft and sabotage. Firstline Security Integration is one of the only security companies that can fulfill this level of security across the most demanding utility complexes. By integrating CCTV, access control, emergency call and intrusion detection systems into one seamless whole, our tailored security solutions offer unparalleled protection and uninterrupted performance for modern society’s most critical resources.

Security Is a Precious Resource

Utility security helps keep the water flowing and the lights on. Protect every angle of your municipal or private utility systems with comprehensive security solutions custom-engineered to suit your demands.

We Help These Utility Companies

Over the past two decades, Firstline has helped protect vital utilities assets from threats across the state of California and beyond. Happy past clients include:

  • Electrical
  • Water
  • Gas
  • Waste Water
  • Municipalities

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We have the energy to serve more than just utilities companies. Our portfolio of clients encompasses a broad range of industries and scopes. Extensive experience, a high level of knowledge and a client-focused approach allows us to provide security to the following sectors and exceed their expectations.

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