Crime Doesn’t Sleep

Neither should your security system. Keep your security system running the way it should, and resolve problems quickly using our expert service and maintenance team.

Your organization has enough to worry about, so take the worry out of security and security system maintenance using our comprehensive, customizable security service plans. Our clients obtain maximum value from their security system with the help of our service professionals, who reduce downtime and take advantage of smart integration practices. We keep the eyes, ears and barriers of your security system running while providing preventative maintenance and ensuring your system stays up-to-date. Partner with our service team and you’ll obtain a valuable ally in the crusade to protect your employees, your site and the assets you care about most.

Custom-Tailored Service Plans

Get everything you need and nothing you don’t with a custom service plan.

  • 24/7 service calls to respond to threats, vulnerabilities or issues
  • Expert-guided system lifecycle management to prepare for threats both in the present and the future
  • Preventative maintenance plans that eliminate system downtime, correct vulnerabilities and reveal integration opportunities
  • Coordinated, seamless servicing across the country and the globe


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